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Tuckpointing Services to Keep Your Masonry Secure

While masonry can enhance your space, like most materials, it does age. When the mortar between the bricks deteriorates, it needs to be filled back in with new mortar to ensure everything is secure and safe. This procedure is called tuckpointing, and the contractors at CBR in Chicago are real experts at it.

First, we will clean out in-between the bricks and knock out any loose bits with pressured water. We will then retuck in order to protect your bricks. This helps prevent further brick and masonry weakening, and securing it for years to come.

Sound Chimney Repair

If your chimney is not working properly, it could be for a number of reasons. In fact, a lot of these issues take place in areas that cannot be viewed from the ground by homeowners. One of the most common reasons is the masonry is not airtight.

We hope the above information will assist you in the future. We are only trying to make you aware of this issue. If you are experiencing this, or other chimney problems, give us a call, and we can assist in bringing your home back to working order.

Chimney Problems